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We dig ponds

Literally. We are busy helping landowners dig and restore wildlife ponds - in fact we have created over 350 such ponds in the past four years alone. Find out how you can get involved below.

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Ponds for Great Crested Newts - And More!

FWAG East is working with Natural England to deliver its District Level Licensing (DLL) scheme, a new, strategic, landscape level approach to compensating for great crested newt habitat lost to development. We are actively seeking landowners in Cambs, Herts and Essex who are interested in creating or restoring wildlife ponds on their land. Most qualifying pond projects have been fully funded under the scheme and there is virtually no paperwork involved for landowners.

To qualify for funding, ponds created or restored under the DLL scheme must offer excellent habitat opportunities for breeding populations of great crested newts. This includes good water quality, connectivity to ideal terrestrial habitat and minimal disturbance from livestock, dogs or humans. The full criteria for DLL scheme ponds can be found here. If you think your pond project could meet these criteria, email us at to find out if you are in one of the strategic opportunity areas for the scheme. One of our pond advisers will call you back to discuss. 


Needless to say, such ponds don't just benefit newts! Numerous species rely on, and benefit from, clean water wildlife ponds, including beneficial insects and farmland birds. And even if your pond plans do not meet the DLL criteria, we can still help. Consider joining FWAG East for support with your pond project, including a site visit, info pack and free telephone advice.

Meantime, get some pond-inspiration by clicking on the galleries below to see some of our favourite projects by county and read on for some of the latest research on pond restoration:

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