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Herts Pond Gallery

We are excited to now be delivering the District Level Licencing scheme in Hertfordshire. Please get in touch if you are interested in creating or restoring a pond on your land in Herts:


Pond Uplift

The owners of this pond-dense Hertfordshire farm used the DLL scheme to carry out the restoration of three existing farm ponds - and create a further four more! Research suggests that restoring ponds can have an uplift effect on biodiversity in unrestored ponds in the same landscape. We are sure the sensitive work carried out here will benefit wildlife across this farm and beyond.

Grassland Pond Creations

This farmer contacted us about creating some ponds in a large, low-input grass field which is cut for hay three times a year. The field offered good connectivity to other terrestrial habitats where newts forage and overwinter, including mature hedgerow and woodland. The farmer will leave a minimum three metre rough grass buffer from the edge of the ponds once created, to protect them from field operations. Watch this space! 

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