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Important Upcoming Deadlines

The deadline for submitting your BPS and CS claims is at midnight on Monday 16th May. It is important to remember that you must still claim for your CS agreement even if your agreement only started on the 1st January 2022.

Friday 20th May is the deadline for requesting your CSFO approval for water quality options. More information on the options that require CSFO approval can be found here: (last heading on the page); and the form to apply for a visit can be found here:

Finally, if you wish to apply for any of the options listed below, you must telephone the RPA Helpline and request approval by Friday 27th May (priority habitats deadline):

  • BE4 - Management of traditional orchards

  • BE7 - Supplement for restorative pruning of fruit trees

  • GS6 - Management of species-rich grassland

  • GS9 - Management of wet grassland for breeding waders

  • GS10 - Management of wet grassland for wintering waders and wildfowl

  • SP9 - Threatened species supplement (only for corn bunting, brown hairstreak butterfly, stone curlew and turtle dove)

  • SW17 - Raised water levels on cropped or arable on peat soils

  • SW18 - Raised water levels on grassland on peat soils

  • WD4 - Management of lowland wood pasture and parkland

  • WT3 - Management of ditches of high environmental value

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