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Support available for farmers in the River Beane Catchment!

FWAG East is working with Thames Water on a new partnership initiative, the River Beane Catchment Project, in Hertfordshire. The project will look at ways to work with farmers to improve river water quality in the Beane catchment.

The catchment provides water to the River Lee, from which water companies abstract water for drinking. Whilst many visible and invisible particles can be removed during the water treatment processes, there is one chemical that at present can’t – metaldehyde. This gets readily washed into ditches and watercourses from farmland and therefore preventing it from doing so is key to protecting our drinking water supplies. If a voluntary method of solving the problem cannot be found, government has indicated that regulatory measures may be taken. This could involve a ban on metaldehyde.

What the project can do for farmers within the River Beane Catchment

The project can provide:

  • A subsidy for using slug control products that contain ferric phosphate rather than metaldehyde.
  • Funding for a number of slug pelleter calibrations and MOTs.
  • Free on-farm advice on sustainable soil and water protection.
  • Organised catchment farmer meetings to discuss the issues that River Beane catchment farmers want to find out more about.
  • Free on-farm advice on applying for Countryside Stewardship.
  • Updates on other initiatives of interest on the Beane.
  • BASIS and NRoSO points available for some of the activities that farmers, their agronomists or contractors take part in.

Thames Water and FWAG East

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