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Simple Conservation Plan Published

A new eight point plan to simplify the advice given to arable growers on environmental management has been produced by farmers and conservationists.

The 22 organisations behind the Campaign for The Farmed Environment (CFE) have produced a guide which boils down the principles of best environmental practice.

They have produced a booklet, Conservation management on an arable farm, and also launched a new website with online tools and expert advice. The guidance offers practical suggestions on how to manage features such as hedges, ditches, margins and habitat to best effect.

Jim Egan, CFE Delivery Group Chair said: “We believe that the information we are launching provides unrivalled conservation advice for arable farmers. If everyone takes up this challenge, we will have a better environment for farming and for conservation.

“We are backing farmers to do things such as plant wild flower seed mixes beneficial to pollinating insects. This is important evidence of how the farming industry is working together to encourage pollinators.”

Richard Winspear, RSPB farm wildlife coordinator, said the package was a big step forward in improving the consistency of environmental messages coming from industry and government.

The eight points farmers are being urged to apply are:

  1. Look after established wildlife habitats
  2. Maximise the environmental value of field boundaries
  3. Create a network of field margins
  4. Establish flower-rich habitats
  5. Provide winter food for birds
  6. Use spring cropping or in-field measures to help wildlife
  7. Use winter crops to protect water
  8. Establish in-field grass areas to reduce soil erosion and run-off

For more information on voluntarily adopting options to support the above points, please contact the CFE’s Assistant co-ordinator for the East, Rob Cooper on 01223 841507 or email him at

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