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FWAG is Back in Business!

Good news for environmentally conscious farmers up and down the country; a new national FWAG Association has been launched.

Members of the FWAG AssociationThe launch of the new association has been greeted enthusiastically across the industry. – CLA Land and Business Magazine

For more than four decades, FWAG built a reputation for independence and excellence in environmental and conservation advice. When it went into administration in November 2011, it was regarded as a great loss for the industry.

The new FWAG Association brings together a number of locally based organisations formed by ex-FWAG staff and volunteers, of which FWAG East is one. It is hoped that the Association, which is working in close collaboration with GWCT and LEAF, will expand over time.


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FWAG East is part of the FWAG Association: FWAG East CIC is a limited company registered in England. Registered No: 08776388. Thanks to Chris Loades for images: