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The FWAG East CabGuide is here!

Ever find yourself out in the field trying to remember what a particular option is and what the management and prescriptions are? How wide it is meant to be? Can you cut it?Front page example

Many of our farming clients are often unaware of the full management requirements of their stewardship options, or even unsure which option should be in which location.

The new FWAG East CabGuide will help in situations like these and allows you to only carry around the information you need. Tailored to your ELS, HLS or Countryside Stewardship agreement, this durable, pocket sized booklet contains all of the information you need to effectively manage your options.

EB3The quick-reference guide features:

  • Individual Stewardship option guides, tailored to you
  • Fold-out Stewardship options maps,
  • An overview of your options in the form of an Environmental Stewardship Calendar, with key dates for operations such as hedge cutting and field margin mowing

The FWAG East CabGuide is specific to your circumstances and will help you to maximise the environmental benefits of your scheme. It will also make you less vulnerable when faced with an RPA inspection!

Keeping a copy of your own bespoke FWAG East CabGuide in the tractor cab will ensure that all operators will have an easy reference point to hand at all times, giving you greater confidence to manage your options correctly and deliver the very best environmental management across your farm.

If you interested in ordering your copy of the FWAG East CabGuide please call the FWAG East team on 01223 841 507.

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