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It is worth being aware that updates to the rules on cross compliance have been made this year, as well as changes to the rules for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones. The Government will no longer be posting out hard copies of compliance documents for all farms, expecting farmers to seek them out online instead.

Click here for the Guide Cross Compliance in England, 2014.

Click here for the Guidance on complying with the rules for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones in England for 2013 to 2016.

Cross compliance breaches occur most frequently in the following areas:

Soil Protection Review (SPR) (GAEC 1): Failing to have a copy of this was the most common reason farmers failed RPA inspections in 2012, with most of those who failed losing 5% or more of their SPS payment.

Public Rights of Way (GAEC 8): Take care to reinstate cross-field footpaths in a timely manner and to the minimum width stipulated.

Field Margins (GAEC 14): When cultivating land adjacent to hedges and water courses, be sure to retain two or one metre buffers.

Staying up to date

Defra’s Farming Advice Service offers free text alerts and e-newsletters on changes to cross compliance and NVZs. To register, visit: or email:

Don’t forget, if you need advice on an area of cross compliance, our members can call the FWAG East team to discuss it in confidence on: 01223 841507.

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