Farmers viewing wild bird seed mix on a recent farm walk.

Each year FWAG East holds a number of informative local workshops, talks and farm walks for farmers and land managers with topics ranging from resource protection to establishing successful conservation measures. At the events, our advisers are readily available to chat one-to-one and offer advice. And there’s usually some welcome refreshment on offer to boot!

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Thursday 27th February, 9.30am-12.30pm, Walkern Sports & Community Centre, Walkern, SG2 7NP

Friday 28th February, 9.30am-12.30pm, at Albury Village Hall, Albury, SG11 2JD

Both workshops will include:

Nuffield Scholar and farmer, Andrew Howard, believes that the answers to your soil problems are beneath your feet, not in the machinery shed.

His philosophy revolves around improving soil health and he has a diverse rotation including cover crops, companion cropping and intercropping to try and eliminate monocultures from his farm system (the topic of his Nuffield Scholarship which was sponsored by AHDB). He thinks that livestock is a vital part of a sustainable farming system and uses sheep to graze his cover crops. His vision is to change from an input-intensive farm to a knowledge and management intensive-farm, and he has reduced his fertiliser and pesticide inputs on farm by 40% whilst retaining his yields.

Andrew will talk about the issues that arise including which cover crops to use, and the practicalities of companion cropping and intercropping.

FWAG East: Update on Countryside Stewardship and the new Environmental Land Management Scheme – vision for the future.

Also on 27th February:

Affinity Water: Promotion of the Cover Crop Pilot Project which will offer funding and support to farmers who are interested in growing cover crops.

FWAG East: Results from the Hertfordshire cover crop demonstration trials.

Also on 28th February:

Thames Water: Reflection on the 2019 metaldehyde season in the Lee catchment and sub-catchments and looking forward to future catchment initiatives.

De Sangosse: Manufacturer’s perspective on the future of metaldehyde.

FREE workshops – FREE lunch & refreshment – BASIS & NRoSO points available

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